Saturday, April 12, 2014

One fish, two fish

Don't you just love introducing new things to the Grands?  While we babysat Layton and Hadley last time Poppa stopped at the pet store on the way home and bought two bags of gold fish.

 I thought Hadley would be the shy one, but she touched the outside of the bag right away.

No way was Layton getting near them.

I'm still not sure, but I will come outsdide and watch. 

A "cacker" in your hand is a must for fish release watching.

"Look Layton, our Poppa is so brave!"

"OK Hadley, fish so over, now let's take a look at all these glorious pebbles".

After bath time, Poppa, Hadley and Layton had one more look to see if they were still there.  They also learned to say fish.  Well, at least shhh.  

Random spring shots of the front yard.  Azaleas about to pop.

I'm sure there will be requests for a fish release at least once a month.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Antique week comes to an end

I will just let you enjoy a bunch of unique and different great junk!

Somebody didn't have to pay for a hotel room.  The vendor slept right by her stuff. 

Of course she had a ton of cute camping items. 

Yes, think outside the box!  Or wash tub... or car part!

 I did bring two things home from this tent.

Too fun to pass up a ride, right?!



And... just when you think you have seen everything....

a lace sailboat, God Bless America!  God Bless Round Top!  

Next post, my finds at the fields.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Then Round Top really gets interesting

Driftwood Elk anyone?

Howdy Partner!

Coolest light fixtures ever!  

Look closely, a man and balls. Tee hee.  I'm sure you noticed the letters first.

Then these three found a deal on hats,

and so we ALL had to get one.

Me and my two lovely sisters! 

Not sure, but it must have been really funny! You can tell I am the mature one of the bunch. 

 We heard there was a live band setting up and so we stayed at this last field before we headed to our hotel. 

Let's just say we may have danced to a great band from Houston and they may have begged us not to leave when they went on break.  But, we were tired and had one more day of more shopping to rest up for.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just another day at Round Top

The weather was perfect and the shopping was great. The girlfriend time was even better!

We parked in a field and started with a picnic lunch.  

Then headed out and of course Tess found her spot right away!  

Melissa found a nice swinging spot next. 

Some creative person came up with the name for this booth.  

There are ten miles of fields and shopping.  The traffic was really bad on Saturday. 

Creativity everywhere you looked. 

We were a bit disappointed with the new Junk Gypsy location.  Sorry Junk Gypsy. The best part was the flower bed trim.  Broken, chipped china plates.  

And then, how fun, next to this abandoned home, a herd of longhorns!   

This was all before 2:00 on Saturday.  We still had a good three more hours of shopping ahead. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Round Top, Texas population 90

Round Top, TX has updated their population sign to read 90 instead of 80.  But, for Antique week, the population with crazy shoppers and vendors is well into the hundred thousands.  This will be my shortest post from our fun girls trip to Round Top this year!  #roundtoptexas

And we did have lots of fun at and around Zapp Hall. My two oldest daughters gave up some precious time away from their babies and left Dads in charge back home.  I'm sure everyone was glad to see them when they returned home.  The weather was also picture perfect.  The best I have had yet at Antique week.
 Girls Gone Junkin
This could have been our motto.  Funny too, when Melissa and I walked into her house with our "finds" her husband asked "did you find some good junk?"  When I got home guess what my husband asked?  Same thing.  

Good junk huh?  But, this weekend is so much more than the shopping.  It is about hugging, laughing, story telling, eating, dancing and filling our hearts to the brim with lovin'. 

Stay tuned... more junk lovin' to come.  
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